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The first 10 correct entries will win a month's supply of KelatoVIT optima.

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Q1 Which of the following are recommended vaccinations for your horse?

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Q2 Which of the following is not a snaffle bit:

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Q3 Select the foodstuffs that are considered to be concentrates:

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Q4 Which of the following implements are used for grooming your horse?

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Q5 Which of the following symptoms might you see if your horse has laminitis?

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Q6 When grooming your pony you find lots of scabs and hair loss on the lower legs, it is...

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Q7 Which of the following should you take on campwith your horse?

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Q8 Which of the following signs may mean you need to get your horse's back checked?

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Win a month's supply of KelatoVIT optima!


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