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Distinguished Service Award

The PCAV Distinguished Service Award is awarded by the PCAV State Council. Sub Committees, Zone Representatives and Zone Executives may recommend nominees to the State Council.

The Award is for a person who has given distinguished service to the Pony Club movement, but not in the same category as that required for Life Membership. It may be granted to persons who have given distinguished service at State or Zone level.

Criteria: (from the PCAV By Laws)

Consistent and sustained contribution at Zone and State levels for a minimum of ten years.

  • Must have held office at Club or Zone level
  • Must respect the aims and objectives of the Pony Club Movement
  • Remain objective and unbiased in all circumstances
  • Have the ability to communicate with all Pony Club members and other personnel
  • Display appropriate presentation at all times

Awards from 1989

2018 Lynne Brown North Metro Zone
2018 Rosemary Oram Northern Zone
2011 Ann Payne North Eastern Zone
2011 Wayne Cuthbert Central Zone
2010 Beryl Gamble Barwon Zone
2010 Pam Whitten Barwon Zone
2010 Jane Nevile Barwon Zone
2010 Wendy Abey Central Zone
2010 Fay Mitchell Central Zone
2010 Kevin Watson Central Zone
2010 Brenda Mitton North Metro Zone
2009 Anne Marston Midland Zone
2009 Richard Marston Midland Zone
2009 Brian Copeland North Metro Zone
2009 Val McKenzie Wannon Zone
2009 Graham Nettleton East Gippsland Zone
2009 Marilyn Healey Southern Metro Zone
2009 Stan Barret West Gippsland Zone
2009 Oriel Gardiner West Gippsland Zone
2008 Nancy Davis East Gippsland Zone
2008 Bev Weir East Gippsland Zone
2008 Ron Gates Southern Metro Zone
2008 Denis Carmichael Southern Metro Zone
2008 Jim Hurley North Metro Zone
2008 Jim Page North Metro Zone
2007 Cheryl White West Gippsland Zone
2007 Bev Shandley West Gippsland Zone
2007 Helen Reid West Gippsland Zone
2007 Dot Joyce West Gippsland Zone
2007 Trish Trewin West Gippsland Zone
2007 Val Armstrong East Gippsland Zone
2007 Glen Drake Barwon Zone
2007 Marion Dawson East Gippsland Zone
2007 Don Dowell North East Zone
2005 Maxene Argento Barwon Zone
2005 Judy Winter Barwon Zone
2008 Jack Williamson East Gipplsand Zone
2005 Nancy Williamson East Gippsland Zone
2005 Alison Graves North East Zone
2005 Peter Smith North Metro Zone
2005 Robyn Coutts Southern Metro Zone
2005 Lyn Roberts North Metro Zone
2004 Mark Hanley North East Zone
2002 Judy Francis Southern Metro Zone
2000 Heather Crabb Barwon Zone
1995 Keith Rooke North East Zone
1995 Maurice Brown Northern Zone
1993 Dr Greg Buist North Metro Zone
1990 Albert Donnan Northern Zone
1990 George Hare Northern Zone
1989 Edi Thomas Central Zone
1989 Margaret Millear Wannon Zone