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Joining Pony Club

Riding Membership

Riding membership is only available by joining a Club affiliated with Pony Club Victoria.  [FIND A CLUB]

Junior Riding  [JOIN/RENEW]

  • A junior riding member is aged between 0-17yrs.  Our Clubs will decide at what age they feel they can manage a program so the base aged may vary between Clubs.

Associate Riding (Senior)  [JOIN/RENEW]

  • An Associate Riding member is aged between 17-25yrs.

Adult Riding  [JOIN/RENEW]

  • An Adult Riding members is aged 26yrs and over.  Clubs will decide if they offer Adult Riding membership.

COME & TRY membership  [JOIN/RENEW]

  • Come & Try membership is available to persons who are not currently members of Pony Club.  Come & Try should be recorded on the MyPonyClub membership database and the member should upgrade their membership if they choose to become a full riding member of Pony Club Victoria.  Come & Try membership does not provide personal accident insurance to the trial member.
    UPGRADING MEMBERSHIP:  The member should log into their Member Profile and click UPGRADE select the membership they need


Support Memberships

Club Supporter [JOIN/RENEW]

  • A Club Supporter is any person who regularly attends Pony Club (3 or more rallies/year), every riding member under the age of 17yrs must be registered with at least one Club Supporter.

Coach Membership [JOIN/RENEW]

  • Coach membership is available to members over the age of 16yrs.  All individuals who coach in Pony Club must register as a member of Pony Club.  Any Club who does not ensure coaches are registered may void their insurance.  [MORE INFORMATION]

Club Affiliation

  • Clubs who wish to use the intellectual property and insurances provided by Pony Club Australia/Victoria must affiliate with the organisation each year.  Only affiliated Pony Clubs can provide members with membership to Pony Club Victoria and offer Pony Club programs.



Day Attendance

  • Any individual who is not a member of a Pony Club affiliated with PCV must fill out a Day Participation Application form at each occasion they ride at a Pony Club activity. More Information on Day Attendance Registration.


Membership benefits include:

  • 24/7 personal accident/personal liability insurance
  • Safe and controlled learning environment
  • Rider development programs and pathways
  • Coach & Official development and pathways
  • Horsemastership development programs
  • Organised competitions
  • Social interaction with like-minded individuals
  • Pathways to a career in the equine industry