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Award of Merit - Shell Award Nominees

History of the Award - from the PCAV Minutes February 1966


Miss. Irving spoke of the generous donation from the Shell Company of Australia and stated that there was also an award to be made available.

This will be awarded to any Associate Member of the Pony Club who has given outstanding practical assistance in his or her club. To be considered worthy of this award the Associate Member must have always been helpful and thoughtful for others and genuinely interested in seeing the aims of the Pony Club Movement are upheld in the Club of which he or she is a member. It will be left to the Local Committee of the Club to adjudicate as to whether an Associate Member is to be recommended to the Advisory Committee for the award. At least 2/3 of the Committee must be in favour of the recommendation of the candidate.

This is to be considered the highest honour for service and only outstanding Associate Members should he recommended.

In 1986 the sponsorship from Shell ceased and PCAV decided to continue the recognition of service as the Award of Merit.
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