Pony Club Victoria


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PCAV Life Membership

PCAV Life Members

Nominee Criteria: (as detailed in the PCAV By Laws):

Provided outstanding,active and continuous service which contribution and commitment should be obvious to others involved with PCAV.

Been an exemplary representative and ambassador for the organisation on all occasions.

Served as a State and/or as one of it's Sub Committee members, for at least ten years and preferably longer, five of which must have been as a State Councillor.

Carried out their duties in a competent and efficient manner.

2018 Linda Smith
2014 Anthea Sutherland
2014 Vicki Connolly
2013 Philip Cobbledick
2012 Jan Faulkner
2011 Kaye Blanchard
2009 Clarrie King
2008 Stephen Coffey
2008 Fiona Matheson
2007 Jess Hull
2006 Wendy Olenick
2004 John Barlee
2004 Ian Wardell
2000 Frances Corry
2000 John D. Laird

Angela King

Keitha l. Raabe

Noel E Steele

R.H. Botterill*

I.M. Gardiner

George J. Cross

Norm D. Wilkins*

E. Kenny

M.C. Crozier-Durham*

C. Luckock*

Kay Irving M.B.E.*

E. Bolle*

L. Burgess*

G.N. Balharry*