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Dressage is a form of riding similar to the more well-know forms of riding called 'Western', 'Jumping', and 'English Pleasure' in that each is a style of training the horse. The word 'dressage' (said 'dress-ahz and rythms with 'massage') is derived from a French term meaning 'training'. It is not only a method of 'training' a horse (called schooling), but also a competitive Olympic sport. The origination of the sport was first noted in a book by the Greek General Xenophon around 400 B.C. As the history of the world evolved the training method was further developed by the royal court of Europe in the 17th century, first as an aspect of warfare and then as an art and sport.
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It is important for Pony Club members to realise that Dressage simply means the training of the horse, and a Dressage Test simply requires the rider to show the judge how he is progressing with the training.
The Pony Club Association of Victoria have a number of Dressage tests which range in complexity, the Dressage tests at Pony Club are graded from grade '5' to grade' 1'. Grade '5' is the starting point for young riders or inexperienced riders progressing through the grades and finishing with grade '1' which is the top level for the experienced Pony Clubber.

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