Pony Club Victoria



PCAV Origins

Pony Club Association of Victoria

  • 1928 Pony Club had its beginnings in Britain with the Institute of the Horse
  • 1929 A Junior branch of the Institute was formed called 'The Pony Club'
  • 1947 The British Horse Society was born...This is the Parent Body of the PCAV
  • 1931 First Overseas Club formed in Gibraltar
  • 1954 January 13th - An Association was formed in Victoria -7 Clubs affiliated
  • 1960 Northern Group of Pony Clubs formed in February
  • 1960 In October this Group divided into 2 Areas namely North East and North West Areas.
  • Each appointed a representative to sit on the State Advisory Committee
  • This later became the State Council of PCAV
  • Northern and North Eastern Zones were established when the North West and North East
  • Areas divided in the Early 1960's
  • 1961 Gippsland, Metropolitan and Western District commenced.
  • 1963 Areas altered to Zones and The North Eastern Zone ws formed.
  • 1964 North Metro and South Metro Zones started when Metropolitan Zone divided.
  • 1964 December - Central Zone was formed
  • 1964 Western District divided to become Wannon and Barwon Zone
  • 1968 Gippsland Zone divided to become East and West Gippsland Zones
  • 1995 PCAV had 213 Clubs affiliated and 7460 registered riding members
  • 1999 There are currently 10 Zones making up the PCAV Areas.
  1. Barwon

  2. Central

  3. East Gippsland

  4. Midland

  5. North Eastern

 6.   Northern
 7.   North Metro
 8.   South Metro
 9.   Wannon
10.   West Gippsland

Australia has the largest membership of Pony Club in the World with more than 910 clubs with over 40,000 riding members, Next is England with approx 367 Clubs and more than 36,000 members, Dubai has the smallest number of Clubs with 1 Club and 30 members.


Information Courtesy J Hull
North East Zone (ZR)